Dromida ominus reviews

Dromida ominus reviews – all what you need to know about drone Dromida ominus The Dromida Ominus is an awesome and affordable quadcopter that features a proprietary stabilization system. It’s one of the best low-cost drones on the market, perfect for beginners who want to learn how to fly before they invest in more expensive … Read more

DJI Mavic pro drone review: the best drone for beginners

dji mavic pro drone clone

So you’ve never flown a drone before, or you’ve flown one before, but you feel there is more you could be doing with your camera. There is a new world of drones to explore, and it seems everybody has their favourite. In the last year, it seems that the DJI Mavic pro drone has gone … Read more

Hubsan H501S X4 review

Hubsan’s latest drone has GPS, return-to-home, brushless motors, and a decent controller with a built-in screen. Here’s our Hubsan H501S X4 review Should I buy the Hubsan H501S X4? Our Verdict If you’re looking for an easy-to-fly drone with a first-person-view camera, the Hubsan H501S is well priced. But those wanting to record great aerial … Read more

Cheerson CX-10 review – nano drone for beginners

  The Cheerson CX-10 is small nano drone. It’s even smaller than you think. The term “nano quad” was made to describe this tiny flying machine. Easily fitting in the palm of your hand (with room to spare) this little toy drone provides a surprisingly stable flying experience once you’ve mastered it, and is actually … Read more

Walkera Runner 250: The Small Drone That Packs A Big Punch

If there is one thing that all drone pilots hold as being true is the fact that you have to get skilled at handling/ building/ repairing circuits and wiring. You should also get a rather skilled mechanic on your side because of all the repair work that you will be making. While this is true … Read more

Syma x5sw review – best cheap drone 2021

Syma is one of the most popularly heard names in the world of quadcopters. Over the years, it has produced a number of such devices that have catered to the likes of flyers, both amateur, and experts. Based in China, this company caters to the phrase ‘Technological Innovation & People First’.       All the drones … Read more